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`Template Viewer' is a support tool for developing Web applications using HTML::Template comfortably.

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Project Summary


(notice : You can get the latest documentation with CVS.)

= Synopsis =
   `Template Viewer' is for help to develope Web aplications (ie. CGI scripts) with HTML::Template.
   Use it and your development is more confortable, perhaps.

= Reauirement Environment =
   Perl modules
     Perl standard modules & HTML::Template
   HTTPd server
     ex. Apache
   Web Browser(You need it if you use it as web application.)
     If it can  browse a page using frame, it may be good.
     ex. mozilla 

= Authors =
   KATO, Atsushi(atusi@pure.ne.jp) and lots of help Iwai.

= Copyright =
   Copyrght 2002 by KATO, Atsushi (atusi@pure.ne.jp).
   This program is free software;
   you can use this program for any purpose under the Artistic License.


The analyzation of template file is now very weak.
I think it shoud be more stronger.

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